mardi, août 12, 2008

Frenchy Food and another sneak-attack party

My mission for today: write up my !@#$ing notes for Saturday before it all leaks out of my head. Side-mission: wash that radioactive pile of clothing from the last few days of partying.

As you can probably tell from the length of Saturday’s post, this took a long while to write. Believe it or not, I literally spent the entire day from noon to 19h00 writing that entry. No kidding.

From there, I headed out to La Cocotte with the Boys Who Do Dinner (i.e., me and 3 guys that have been doing weekly food outings for the past 3 weeks). Good times were had, no small amount of wine was had, and a series of those lovely oeuf cocottes with truffles were also had. Mmmm. That whole weight-loss thing I was talking about yesterday risks coming undone with just this meal. After the appetizer, I had the boeuf bourguignon, which was amazing, one friend had the turkey and girolle mushrooms that I had eaten last time, and the other two had the steak tartare. The tartare looked to be of good quality meat and they had all the necessary fixings to mix into the meat, but everyone was a bit shocked by the sheer size of the portion. I mean, there was easily 500g of raw ground meat sitting on each plate. Good god.

Well, thank goodness that I hadn’t ordered the steak tartare, because I got a text message about 5 minutes after leaving the restaurant from one of the Frenchy Krew, inviting me out to Club der Visionäre. At first I was preparing to send my regrets, but then I realized that I had wussed out on them last night, too. So off I went.

As it turns out, more of the party-team was there than I had expected, as it was the last night in Berlin for one of them. We hung out on the little terrace near the bathrooms for a good couple of hours and drank beers and chatted about the previous weekend and where we had gone and the craziness we had seen. From the sounds of it, I had missed an amazing freakshow at Bar25 Sunday night, including lots of costumes, nudity, and a couple of people arriving to the club by kayak & canoe. Really.

Almost everyone turned in around 2h00 or so, and I found myself saying my goodbyes and leaving by 3h00. I had forgotten that it was a weekday night, which meant that the U-Bahn wasn’t running. Damn. I schlepped my way to Schlesiches Tor and picked up the next night bus heading in my direction, making a connection at the ever-sketchy Kottbusser Tor and finally wandering home.

2 commentaires:

Kristy a dit…

I am currently suffering from HORRIBLE food poisoning, and your description of the tartar nearly made me lose it. Also: Kayak. And. Canoe. ... ...

LMGM a dit…

oh noes! what did you eat, you poor thing? undercooked meat? spoiled tofu? unwashed veggies?

take care and drink lots of fluids,