jeudi, août 07, 2008

Animationfest! and a break from partying

Today I noticed that I was doing a very good job of avoiding the work I need to do by doing other kinds of work. My proposal and IRB protocols? On hold while I look for an apartment. Preparing my dossier for my apartment? On hold while I update my blog. Updating my blog? On hold while I spend hours on my German and Turkish lessons. And then I went grocery shopping and spent the afternoon making salsa and tzatziki. And then I went out for sushi with my roommate. And then we went to meet another friend at an outdoor film event to watch indie animation shorts.

So, not very efficient of me, but at least I got to watch some interesting animation pieces. A favorite of mine was a rendering of Charles Bukowski’s poem, “The Man with the Beautiful Eyes”, although I was also bemused by “My Happy End” and the high drama of water-shrew mating in “Our Wonderful Nature”. Very cute. Also, there was a short called “Nosferatu Tango” that had a really lovely color palette, but I can’t find a clip online for it.

After that, I was supposed to go to Weekend bar to see Loco Dice and Moby spin, but I needed to go home first and change. I was a bit tired and not especially motivated to go out, but since it was barely midnight when we got home, I decided to eat some chocolate, answer my emails and see if I got a kick of motivation.

Around 1h00, I got a call from a friend saying that the place was super-packed and the bouncer had turned him and his friend away at the door. Considering that this guy never gets turned away, I took that as a bad sign for the night. If I had already been out near Alexanderplatz having drinks, I would’ve maybe dropped by the club to see how things were going, but I’m not going to change clothes and cross half of Berlin for the chance to be sent away by some grumpy tursteher. Not for Loco Dice, nor for Moby.

So I decided to preserve my energy for the Friday and Saturday nights that were soon approaching and sent myself to bed.

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