vendredi, juillet 06, 2007

Hot Parking Action in Chicago

Driving around Chicago today, I've been re-encountering the problem of finding parking in this city. On the one hand, nearly every street has street parking available, even downtown. On the other hand, there is a byzantine set of rules as to when and where you can and can't park, which makes parking a sort of chess game and blood sport at the same time.

I recall, during my first two years in Chicago, how I coveted the parking spot directly in front of my apartment building. It was on a busy street, so I usually had to park 2 or 3 blocks away.

I coveted a good parking spot so much, I eventually started using sexual terminology to discuss it, which produced conversations such as this one between me and my friend Erika:

"Do you see that spot right in front of my building? That is a hot spot."

"Ooooh, yeah! That spot is fucking sexy."

"That spot is a HOT SLUT."

This, my friends, is what we have come to in Chicago. Please send parking.

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in indigo a dit…

if parking spots can be slutty, then i'm the one who likes them to come easy (sorry). and now i'm suffering the consequences, with two mornings (early am, mind you) of wrestling with mayor daley's ticket court and traffic court down and two more to go. four years of parking violations? you just don't want to know how much that adds up to...

but seriously, you should contest the second ticket. i got off on one violation because the city didn't have records on that particular meter for 2005 (but did for another in 2004) as well as one more case (out of 18). make sure to bring ur evidence and documentation!