vendredi, juin 15, 2007

With Love, from Nantes

So, I managed to collect my mother at the airport the next day, go down to Le Mans to meet our friends there, have lunch, and then head off to Nantes. Nantes has been great so far, but I won't be blogging for it because I'm on vacation, dammit.

On the other hand, Blogger now has a Draft option that allows you to test new features, and of course I'm totally on board. Currently, they have a new video-posting capacity that is in the testing stages, which I'm going to test out right here. Yay, new gadgets! I'm a total gearwhore, sometimes.

Hmm. On preview, I see that this video-posting thing is convenient, but loses some of the utility of YouTube posting. I can't tag the video sample with useful keywords, nor can I add metadata about the time and place of the recording. But I suppose those are features that can be added later....

2 commentaires:

Marie a dit…

Luis my dear, do you think you would have room in one of your suitcases to bring me back some of the rumoured-to-be-delicious chocolate that you sent Erika recently? I promise to reimburse you promptly; but it sounds yummy enough to be worth some shameless begging!

LMGM a dit…

Of course my darling! Are you more of a dark or milk chocolate fan? The one I got erika was half-and-half, methinks.