samedi, juin 30, 2007

From the airport

Ok, I only have 3 minutes of WiFi left to write this, so it's going to be very concise. I made it to the airport Charles de Gaulle OK and managed to check in, despite getting in the wrong line at first.  I passed through a duty-free shop that had all sorts of wines and cheeses and foie gras and paté, but I made the wise decision of leaving the bad-for-you stuff in France for now.  I'll be back anyway. Now I have about 20 hours of travel ahead of me.  Paris-Chicago, then Chicago-Toronto, then Toronto-London, Ontario.  It's gonna be AWESOME. LUV, LMGM

4 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

hola amigo!
does this mean you'll be making a Chicago visit? can't wait to (hopefully) catch up with you ;)

LMGM a dit…

hey samanthita! Of course! I'll be back in Chicago around the 4th of July. Wheee!!

LEO a dit…

can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

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