lundi, avril 23, 2007

Hispano-Moroccan Salsa Goodness

So, work today was one of those days that should've been short and light, and turned out long and heavy. Once all of that was taken care of, I headed home to get some work done on my blog. I still had the latter part of last week and the big night out on Friday to write up, so I was pretty behind.

Nonetheless, I did take some time out to make a bit of food. I'm on a raw and veggie kick this week, mostly to compensate for what I've been eating this past month as people have come to visit me. With Carla planning to return in May--hopefully free of her diet restrictions--I may just have to subsist on water and celery sticks till then.

So today I had some tomatoes that were delicious but on the verge of going bad, a delicious new cucumber, a big bag of onions, a handful of hot peppers and some lemons. It's salsa time! This particular salsa preparation was inspired partly by the delicious salsa-like preparations that I've found at Moroccan restaurants here. After dicing all of the veggies and sprinking with a bit of salt and a fair bit of lemon juice, I added a ton of ground cumin and a drizzle of olive oil. It was perfect.

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