mercredi, janvier 31, 2007

Wikipedia: the Timesuckening

Not since the hectic days of my undergrad have I experienced timesuck like this. Timesuck is an apparent loss of time, bordering on a petit mal seizure, where an activity or object engages you so thoroughly that you lose track of time passing. Sometime later, you jolt back into the present flow of time, realize how much time you've "wasted" and dash of to the next task for which you are now hopelessly late.

Today, on the venerable MetaFilter, I came across a thread that offered a link to Wikipedia's own listing of Unusual Articles. Don't click on that last link if you value your time! I spent huge chunks of today reading the articles on this gargantuan list, then clicking on the articles linked from those articles, and so on down a spiralling hole of knowledge. Illumination through knowledge mon oeil! It felt more like a dark labyrinth.

Anyway, I did get some work done today, despite my significant distractions, but I'll admit to being far less productive than usual. Unfortunately, the OCD part of me won't allow me to continue with anything until I check out all the entries on that list. So much trivia still to know!

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Humingway a dit…

Oh MAN. NO WAY am I clicking on that link. NO NO NO. By the way, you saw this, right?

LMGM a dit…

Yeah, xkcd has it right. Some time ago I found this really great image.