mercredi, février 07, 2007

Ack! To Brussels!

Ack! I need to be up in 5 hours to escort the students to a field trip in Brussels. I'm really looking forward to the trip, but not at all to the 5am wake-up call. Must get to bed.

So, I will be non-posting from tomorrow until Sunday, and I probably won't blog very much about Brussels, since I'll be accompanied by a work colleague and I try to keep the details of work out of my blog. Nonetheless, I may post a few cute pictures. I will also eat a lot of chocolate, moules frites, and beer

Quick note about today: Nothing very exciting at work, but I hit the grands magasins today (Printemps and Galeries Lafayette in particular). It's the last days of the great post-Christmas sale season (which runs rather long here), so things were rather picked over. However, things were also marked down a lot deeper than the last time I was there. I finally bought this adorable rainbow-pastel cashmere scarf that was originally 165€, but now 60€. It's both more and less gay than you probably think it is. And it's really, really soft.

I also bought Breton salted butter caramels that I CAN'T STOP EATING!!

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