mardi, janvier 02, 2007

Back from vacation


Well, I never really got around to back-blogging the last few days before I left for Chicago, and I didn't see the point in keeping up the blog during my time vacation time in Chicago / Toronto (this is "Luis in Paris", after all). So that explains my puzzling absence from the Intarwebs.

Anyway, the x-mas holidays were great and mostly relaxing, but these last few days have been exhausting. I went up to Toronto on the 29th to spend the weekend with friends, and we went out and partied a fair bit. The climax of the whole thing was New Year's Eve, where we stayed out pretty much all night. This would be totally normal for a New Year's sort of celebration, but the kicker was that I had to fly back to France on NEW YEAR'S DAY.

Take a moment to think about that. I partied until about 7am, slept until noon, packed, had brunch with my sister, and then got on a red-eye flight from Toronto to Paris. "Why," you might ask, "would you be so insane as to fly the day after a night of hard partying?" The answer is simple: I had to.

You see, the next batch of U of Chicago students at the UCParis centre start arriving the morning of Jan 3rd. Since I'm responsible for welcoming the students and showing them around, I had to be there by Jan 2nd at the latest. Since there are no flights for Paris leaving Toronto on the morning of the 2nd, that meant that I had to fly out the evening of the 1st to arrive in time to prepare the welcome.

So, here I am, late in the evening of the 2nd, trying to force my body to sleep (it's only 4pm by North American time) and dreading tomorrow morning. At least New Year's was worth it!

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Hannah a dit…

We didn't even get to see you!

LMGM a dit…

Ack, I know! I'm so sorry! If it's any consolation, I didn't see anybody else in T.O. aside from the people in whose house I slept in. The rest of my time was spent in London being a good son. I'll be back in the summertime!