lundi, décembre 04, 2006

Untitled Monday #1

Well, I needed to work a bit late today (to help a prof with a projector setup), so I planned to come in a bit late. I spent a bit of time chatting with the folks at the front desk of the residences, then took tea with one of my neighbors, then headed off to work. After a surprisingly busy workday, I headed home.

The evening consisted of running some laundry, washing a lot of dishes, whipping up some dinner (lentil soup and sausage/wine risotto!) and doing a lot of catch-up blogging. Almost up to date! I also spent some time trying to figure out what precisely I need to do before I leave Paris for Xmas:

  1. Go out for drinks with friends
  2. Organize travel paperwork
  3. PACK
  4. Pick up my titre de séjour from the préfécture
  5. Buy gifts for people back home
  6. Wrap up IT-related projects at work
  7. One more night of dancing.

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