mardi, novembre 21, 2006

Zombified in Paris

After my second red-eye flight, I finally landed in Charles de Gaulle airport and got off my plane. With everything still a blur, I claimed my luggage, headed through passport control and luggage, and then headed off to the RER terminal to get myself home. The ride home through the tuesday morning rush was unpleasant to say the least, especially on the final leg in the hot, sweaty, overcrowded line 11, but at least I got home.

I had hoped to make it in to work for a few hours that day, but it was not to be. I showered, did a bit of unpacking, then emailed work and told them that I was taking a day off. Besides, I would have to get up again at 6am to go get my sister from the airport the next morning (she's coming to visit). I took a nap for maybe 4 hours, forced myself awake for the rest of the evening, and after taking care of a bit of blogging and a lot of catch-up email, put myself to sleep around midnight.

I was pretty impressed with how easily I fell asleep, considering that midnight here is about 1pm Hawaii time, but I suppose that an 11-hour jet lag is so extreme that your body just gives up trying to stay awake.

2 commentaires:

sara e a dit…

Hey there, zombie-lad! Trying hard to feel sorry for your tired self, but, um, back in Paris, (less than) fresh from a trip to Honolulu? Mm-hmm. Nuh-uh. Glad to see you're otherwise doing great! Miss ya here in soggy, grey Chicago.

LMGM a dit…

Yeah, I know. Travel sucks, but the destinations are fantastic. I just had an unbelievably horrid time getting my sister back to the airport (more on that in a few posts), so it's good to remind myself that I'm in PARIS, dammit. I'll be in Chicago in about 10 days, so I'll drop by the office! hugz,