vendredi, novembre 03, 2006

When it all blurs together

OK, I'm slowly catching up to my usual blogging speed.

Still tired and unshaven from the crazyness of the previous day, I got up and got dressed and ready to take the injured student back to the hospital for the surgical operation. There is a daytime student coordinator who should've taken over for me, but she hadn't answered my email yet and I wasn't going to call her in the middle of the morning. Eventually, she would get the email and call, and then she could meet us and take over.

We got to the hospital and the emerg. doc. from the previous night started to work on transferring us to a hospital with an orthopedic surgery unit. After a few hours of Kafka-esque office-pong ("wait here", "go to this office", "now go to that office"), things got worked out and we were sent, charts in hand, to another hospital. At the same time, I got a call from the daytime student coordinator. Yay! I gave her directions to the destination hospital, and we made our way over. It turned out that the student had to be admitted for the surgery (and overnight convalescence), and the student coordinator has just joined us, so I left the two of them to continue the admissions process and I headed over to the Centre.

On the way over, I got a sandwich turc (Turkish sandwich), which is pretty much another form of Greek gyros (there are subtle differences, I'm sure, but it's sort of pan-Mediterranean in the way hummus is). I got to the Centre and enjoyed my slightly soggy sandwich (still tasty!) while getting my taxi fare from last night reimbursed. Also, one of the teachers had come back from the countryside with a great supply of fresh foie gras, so I got to have some along with a bit of sweet white wine and bread. Mmmm. After providing a bit of IT support, I escaped the Centre (it's supposed to be my day off) and went home.

I did a bit of winding down and email-checking, then took a nap for a couple of hours. By 19h30, I was on my way to a colleagues house for dinner. Dinner was great, but ran rather late. We ate pretty quickly (I was actually stunned at how fast they eat their food), but I made the mistake of offering to do some IT repair to a laptop and their desktop computer, and that kept me there until 1am. By the end of it, though, everything was fixed and I was full of good food and coffee and a fair bit of chocolate. I dragged my ass back to my place (I walked all the way back in the bitter, bitter cold) and promised myself that I was sleeping IN tomorrow, dammit.

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Travis a dit…
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Travis a dit…

I've mentioned this to you before, I think, but now might be the time for me to send you back to the ThinkGeek website. I suggest that you wear the item mentioned on this page (, Superman-style, underneath your garments whenever you have guests or go to someone else's residence. Even if you don't show it to your guests/hosts, it could be an important, if subtle, reminder to you....

LMGM a dit…

har! I love that t-shirt. And I'm totally tempted to wear it around the Centre, as I think the sentiment would be very much the French version of IT support (excuse my essentialism). I was actually at the same place tonight (Saturday) for another work-related dinner and the running joke was that I wasn't allowed to touch anything remotely computer-related, lest things degenerate into computer repair. Mind you, I still left at 1h00 in the morning.