dimanche, octobre 15, 2006

Sleep it Off

So I went to bed at 8am, totally expecting to be woken up at any moment by students freaking out because one of the networks was down. They had a paper due (by email) by 10am, so Murphy's law predicted that there would be a colossal network outage. Mercifully, I was spared the pain and got to sleep in until the early afternoon. I eventually rolled out of bed, snacked on some food, and started catching up on my blogging. I did pretty much nothing else the rest of the evening (I had a lot of blogging to do) and tried to force myself back to sleep at a reasonable hour so that my body wouldn't be totally out of whack Monday morning. There you go! Sunday in a nutshell.

P.S. My bag cleaned up fine and shows no signs (or smells) of the trauma it endured the night before.

1 commentaire:

scruggs a dit…

It's too bad you can't figure out who did it . . . if they can afford to get that drunk at Rex, they can afford to buy you a new bag!