dimanche, septembre 03, 2006

Hi Mom!

So, every photographic travel journal requires the "hi mom!" picture. It's almost a genre unto itself. This is the picture where you stand in front of something pretty, make yourself look like the respectable and responsible kid your mother thinks you are, and then wave for the camera. Here I am! This is to repay mom for all the vacations and backpacking tours I've taken where I've only taken pictures of landscapes and buildings.

4 commentaires:

Travis a dit…

As so many of my friends are wont to say in these situations, "¡Que cute!"

Mom a dit…

Hi Luisito

I do like the picture and thank you for remembering!
Seems like you are already settled and exploring your new patch. I look forward hearing details of your near-by variety store and kosher deli.

take care



Debbie a dit…

Hi Luis!

Have you done your Paris chocolate tour yet? We're looking forward to living vicariously via your blog!

LMGM a dit…

Hi you guys! Thanks for the kind comments from Travis and mom. Debbie: I haven't had a good chocolate tour of Paris yet, although I made an attempt to his the Maison du Chocolat on Monday. Unfortunately, they closed just before we got there. On the other hand, Val and I went to Pâtisserie Jean Millet on tuesday, which I will blog about soon! The chocolate bonbons were delish!