mercredi, août 30, 2006

On my way out

So, I'm actually posting this a bit after the fact, since the WiFi connection at the O'Hare terminal that I PAID $$$ FOR didn't work.

Wednesday morning, I got up at 7am after a late and very alcohol-addled night at Big Chicks. After taking some ibuprofen and finishing the last dregs of milk in my fridge, I went about packing my last few things, taking a shower, and dropping off some final items with Erika. Finally, I compulsively weighed both of my checked luggage—as I did the previous two nights—flaunting United Airlines' baggage allowance limit by bringing them both to 49lbs. and no more.

Due to some staggering generosity, Greg took me to the airport in his new car. I insisted on leaving Hyde Park around noon, even though my flight wasn't till 6:00pm, because I've been screwed by Chicago traffic before—and never again!! While Greg was on his way, I picked up some dry cleaning (thank GOD they got it done on time) and some ghetto mexican food at Pepe's on 53rd (not as bad as it looks).

Of course, this time Chicago traffice gave me the reverse-screw and we were at the airport in 40mins. Greg magnaminously helped me take my luggage to the terminal, where I checked in very, very early. Then, we went up to the top of the parking garage and watched planes take off. We had coffee and pastries. In retrospect, we should've brought beer.

Around 3:00pm, I finally went through security and started waiting. After a quick meal at Woflgang Puck's Let's Pretend This Isn't Airport Food, I sat at my gate, with my laptop open, trying desperately to make the !@#$ing WiFi at the airport work.

Needless to say, it wasn't that easy. What I didn't realize was that upcoming flights requently change gates, and certain airports don't see fit to announce that (ahem). So, when I got in at 3:00pm, the gate for my flight was C1. By 5:30pm, when I finally started to wonder why no-one had announced a flight to Paris, the gate was C21. Based on the range of numbers, you can guess how far I had to run. So, out of breath and sweaty for an 8-hour flight, I finally started my voyage...

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