dimanche, juillet 09, 2006

Woo! Paris! Yeah!

So, I'm heading off to Paris to work for the U of C Paris Center (and hopefully work on my proposal). UofC has its own little satellite campus in Paris for the undergrads that want to study abroad in France (UofC would never allow its students to take classes from other, lesser universities—kidding! sorta). So, they need an IT support guy or gal who knows UofC's systems (especially Chalk, their virtual classroom software), and it's a lot of money and trouble to be continually sending over their professional tech support people. So, instead, they send grad students on a fellowship. That's where I come in. I'll be in Paris from Sep 06 to Jun 07, helping fix the laptops of the undergrads in the program and helping the instructors make use of the Chalk system. Of course, I also plan to do some preliminary work on my PhD, eat great food, catch up with my French friends, meet cute boys, and finally read all of that stuff I've been meaning to read for years. At the moment, I'm still in Chicago, trying to get my student visa for travel to Paris. The Consulate now has this online appointment system that I find cumbersome and a bit annoying...but I'm at their mercy, so whatever *shrug*. Also, I've got to get my stuff in storage and prepare for the trip. Oooh, and book tickets. That's probably important. Regardless of how exciting the destination might be, moving still sucks. In fact, it sucks pretty hard. And not in a good, Behind the Green Door sort of way.

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